Steel Shelving


Heavy-duty steel shelving is ideal for those who require shelving units that offer durability, strength and resistance. Radius office Furniture office an array of galvanised metal storage shelves perfect for industrial, commercial or domestic usage. They’re also perfect for businesses looking to create a chic, industrial look in their workspace. Our high quality, steel shelving units are suitable for a number of different purposes whether it be in a warehouse, commercial kitchen or a garage setting.

The cheap and affordable metal shelving in our catalogue are highly versatile with adjustable shelves on offer. The shelves can have up to 6 levels making it a highly efficient and economical storage system to accommodate for multiple requirements. Furthermore, we also offer metal shelving add-on extension if you require an extra space for your shelving storage. The heavy-duty galvanised steel storage units in our collection can withstand tremendous amounts of heavy weight capacity making it highly durable and are capable of heavy usage. The metal rack shelves are perfect for storing heavy duty equipment such as power tools in any garage or industrial warehouses. They are also a handy addition to offices who wish to store heavy books, magazines and files on shelves for easy open access. Catering shelving is perfect for commercial kitchens that require a place for storing their fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables and heavy kitchen equipment’s. We also have a range of boltless steel shelving units in our catalogue. The boltless structure allows for easy assembly and deconstruction.

We source our metal rack units from some of Europe’s most best-known office furniture manufacturers including Bisley, Ashford, Oplan, Steelcase, Buronomic, Trexus and Vinco. Sourcing our storage solutions from these trusted manufacturers helps us guarantee that you are getting highly durable steel shelving’s that offer longlisting performance within your price budget.

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