Keeping an office space neat and tidy is essential when it comes to working environments whether it be for a home office or a corporate office. Pedestals are an excellent way to extend your office storage capacity and help reduce clutter in your working space. An easy and flexible storage option are desk storage units. They are highly ideal and can be fixed or mobile to suit your preference. Under desk pedestals are convenient storage space for papers, files, office stationery and other items. A variety of our storage units offer multiple drawers and have a fully lockable mechanism, ensuring safety for all your important files and belongings.

Our filing cabinets storage range comes in an array of wood finishes and styles. Our range includes part open pedestal cabinets, lockable storage units, metal drawers and under desk pedestals. You have a choice of steel or a selection of wood finishes like beech, maple, oak, zebrano, walnut and many more. For a more contemporary look, we recommend our steel range and if you prefer a softer look then the wooden pedestal design would be best suited for you. The office storage models in our catalogue can come in standard design, slimline or tuck under with different sizes to suit your preference. The storage drawers in our metal drawer range can come in a single drawer, 2-drawer or 3-drawer depending on how much storage you need. For quick and easy movement, a range of our mobile pedestals are incorporated with castor wheels. The wheels allow for greater flexibility and practicality. It enables the users to move a variety of storage units around the workplace smoothly. Filing cabinets with castor wheels are particularly well suited to open-plan office spaces.

Our wide range of storage solutions are designed by some of Europe’s finest furniture manufacturers including Trexus, Buronomic, Steelcase, Oplan, and Ashford. Sourcing our furniture from these well-established brands can help us guarantee that you are getting high quality, durable and stylish designs for your money. A large selection of our office storage units come with a warranty period, guaranteeing its quality and continued functionality for that period of time. The products have also been thoroughly tested, ensuring it meets the standards required for both home and office use.

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