Having a storage unit is one of the most integral parts of the office. Incorporating storage solutions in the office is essential at keeping your workspace clutter free. Cupboards and other solutions help employees organise files, folders, documents, stationery and other items that may be lying around the office in a neat and tidy manner. Our online E-commerce store offers a vast selection of office storage solutions to suit your needs whether it be for home or office use. You can find pedestals, bookcases, wooden or steel cupboards, tambour cupboards, lockers, recycling waste bins and steel shelving in our catalogue.

The selection of storage units on offer comes with a large selection of features and finishes. A variety of our cupboards and lockers offer multiple drawers and have a fully lockable mechanism, ensuring safety for all your important files and belongings, an ideal solution for those with confidential or valuable items in the office. You have a choice of galvanised steel finishes offered in a variety of colours or a selection of wood finishes like beech, maple, oak, walnut, white and many more. The stainless steel and wood finishes ensure our furniture is highly durable and long-lasting. Different variations of height, width and depth are also offered to best suit your office space. An array of our units such as the bookcases and cupboards offer adjustable shelving mechanism for maximum flexibility, allowing you to store items that vary in height. An extensive selection of our storage furniture is offered with a part-open design along with a lockable compartment, offering both a safety option as well as an easy access option. Some cupboards and bookcase designs are fitted with glass frosted sliding doors for a sleek and more luxurious look. Attractive additional features are offered like 2-drawer or 3-drawer options, filing drawer, desk-high models, desk extensions and more. floor levellers are also offered with our furniture unit, enabling you to position your bookcase, cupboards and lockers wherever you please without having to worry about the risk of wobbling and losing balance.

Our wide range of storage solutions are designed by some of Europe’s finest furniture manufacturers including Bisley, Trexus, Buronomic, Steelcase, Oplan, and Ashford. Sourcing our furniture from these well-established brands can help us guarantee that you are getting high quality, durable and stylish designs for your money. A large selection of our office storage units come with a warranty period, guaranteeing its quality and continued functionality for that period of time. The products have also been thoroughly tested, ensuring it meets the standards required for both home and office use.

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