Movement Chairs


Movement chairs, also known as wobble or swopper chairs, are an excellent advancement in ergonomically designed seating. These chairs keep your body in a constant state of motion meaning that the position of the spine changes regularly and the complex muscles in the back are engaged and strengthened.

Over the last number of years, more and more companies are now realising the importance of an ergonomically designed workplace. Ergonomic designs for chairs have become incredibly important for use in everyday life. People are sitting more as our lifestyle becomes more sedentary and this can leave them at risk of several health problems. With the ergonomic advancements in seating, such as in Radius Office Furniture’s range of kneeling chairs and our ultra-modern motion chairs, it’s easier than ever to try and protect yourself from these health risks and keep yourself healthy and comfortable while seated. Not only does having ergonomically designed office furniture beneficial regarding the health of your employees, it is also highly beneficial for the business in the long run as it helps ensure high levels of productivity and can also help reduce the costs of work-related compensation for injuries.

You could be looking for a great ergonomic computer chair for you to use or maybe you’re after the best office chair for your health and comfort needs right here on our website. These stylish wobble chairs could be the perfect fit for you and we have several great models to choose from, from some of Europe’s finest movement chair manufacturers such as Back App, Merryfair, Profim and Varier. Sit-stand stool ergonomic chairs from the Varier brand range are fast becoming one of more popular choice for offices nowadays. These ergonomically designed stools help strengthen core muscles, reduce strain on knees while helping improve circulation. The stools can be mobile or fixed and are perfect for a small home office space. There is also a choice of ergonomic kneeling chairs which are better suited for less formal working environments. These are fitted with adjustable height features and cushioned knee pads for high levels of comfort and support.

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