Monitor Arms


One of the most common items that you can find in any working office is a computer screen but did you know that one of the most common injuries that occur in the workplace is a strained neck caused by sitting at a desk for too long and viewing your computer screen at the incorrect level? If your employee continually has to look down or up to view the screen, this can place the neck under unnecessary tension, which can cause aching and even injury over time. This type of injury can be easily avoided by the use of a computer monitor arm. Our range of ergonomic monitor stands are the perfect solution to help prevent neck pains and eye strains. All the screen stands for desk and walls are adjustable, enabling the user to position their screen at the correct height in order to minimise neck and eye strain.

Computer stands, arms and mounts are easy to install onto your office desk and provide a simple, uncluttered way of viewing your PC screen. The monitor arms also have great cable management capabilities. Our computer stands allow you to run your cables neatly and safely down the back, or through the middle of the arm so as to avoid loose cables which can be dangerous.

The PC stands are easy to install and to use. All you need to do is clip them securely to the side or back of your desk. We stock a variety of different styles including single office monitor desk stands, dual monitor arms, triple or quad monitor arms, specialist mounts for tablet devices and monitor arms that are suitable for laptops. Whatever you are looking for, we can fully ensure you will find the right screen mounts on our catalogue.

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