Kneeling Chairs


We tend to be happier and more productive when we are comfortable, and free of aches and pains. With back related injury being one of the most commonly occurring health problems in the workplace, it is of high importance for offices to find the proper solution to help prevent and combat such condition. Office ergonomic kneeling chairs improve wellbeing in the workplace by encouraging good posture, circulation and core strength. Posture chairs are carefully designed to reduce tension and pain in the back, neck and shoulders and improve breathing. These adjustable kneeling desk chairs are excellent at helping you sit in the correct “S” position. State-of-the-art engineering gives them a remarkable capacity to twist, turn and pivot in response to users’ movements, making them particularly useful for anyone whose work requires them to sit in one place for long periods of time. Many kneeling chairs feature handy gas lifts and adjustable backrests, making them highly adaptable compared to standard office furniture.

Ergonomic sitting has largely been implemented by plenty of offices because of the many benefits it brings. Our online catalogue offers an array of unique and innovative kneeling stools with stylish finishes better suited for less formal working environments whether it be at home or in a corporate setting. The ergonomic variable balans kneeling chairs are fast becoming one of more popular choice for offices nowadays. A selection of our posture chairs is perfect for a small home office space as they offer a foldable mechanism. You have a choice of customising your ergo posture chair with a selection of colours like black or blue with a choice of metal finishes such as black or silver for the chair frames. Furthermore, the chairs offer a comfortable fabric upholstery with deep padded cushions.

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