CPU Holders


Effective cable management solutions are often overlooked in any office setting, especially when people are more interested in designer ergonomic chairs or fancy height-adjustable desks. It’s important, however, to realise just how beneficial cable management is to your office. There are many cable management solutions that work harmoniously hand-in-hand, one of them being the trusty CPU Holder.

A CPU Holder allows you to place your CPU underneath your desk where it is out of the way, maximising your workspace surface as much as possible. Not only do CPU Holders help to save space, but they also ensure that your CPU is off the floor, which can obstruct your legroom. Easily screwed to the underside of your desktop, your CPU Holder will help to regulate airflow away from dirt and dust.

CPU Holders were designed to help with office ergonomics. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, some CPU Holders also have a swivel function which allows you to be able to swivel the holder a full 360 degrees. This prevents you from having to turn your heavy CPU around and trying to organise your messy cables. The swivel function means that you can adjust your cables without even having to leave your chair!

There are many reasons as to why ‘cable managing’ your office is the right way forward. Not only does it look neat, but it saves time and money, too. CPU Holders allow you to identify and track cables easily while maintaining the freedom to easily remove or change cables whenever necessary.

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