Green Office

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Creating a sense of privacy and personal space in the office does not have to be complicated, nor does it have to be mundane and lifeless. Privacy is sometimes difficult to come by, especially in open-plan office spaces. It can cause stress and distractions for employees, that is why we offer a collection of stylish green walls, frames, pictograms, screens and dividers that utilise plant and moss filling. Bring the soothing touch of nature and experience it within an indoor space.

Our online catalogue features a wide variety of green products that can be used purely for decorative purposes, or as sound absorbent room dividers. They are available in various dimensions, colours and combinations for you to choose from and are perfect additions for the workplace, and even in a household. To name one example, pictograms incorporates a natural and creative spin on traditional signs we see day-to-day such as coffee signs, informational signs and no-smoking signs. A wide selection of our green office products proudly highlights their durability, unique aesthetic, sound absorbancy as well as their long-lasting form and colour. The plant and moss filling used for green office products are 100% naturally preserved in food dye and glycerin. Due to this, all green products require absolutely no maintenance as they do not need a constant source of light or water.