Acoustic foam panels help absorb airborne sound waves that travel in open spaces, helping to reduce the levels of echoes and noise pollution. Having good or bad acoustics can significantly influence the levels of productivity, satisfaction and the health of employees that is why improving acoustics in the office should be a priority, especially if you operate in an open plan office space. Acoustic noise barriers are necessary to create an efficient working environment and our range of office acoustic solutions are specifically designed to minimise the level of noise pollution within an open area, they are highly versatile suitable for home and office use.

Our online catalogue offers various high-quality noise reducing solutions such as office acoustic panels, acoustic office pods, acoustic desk screens. The selection we have on offer most certainly meets the acoustic requirements for offices and other places where noise pollution is a problem. The acoustic screens, panels and partitions are all offered in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes allowing you to create a style and design to best suit your office interiors. The acoustic panels are made out of highly absorbent noise reducing materials to ensure optimum performance. The polyurethane foam which some of our panels are composed of has an open cell structure which offers high-density soundproofing properties. For an eco-friendly solution, we have panels which are made with 70% of recycled polyester fibre materials. For meeting pods, choose between many sizes and stylish designs with comfortable soft seating upholstery. We source our office acoustic products from some of the best in the industry including Soundtect, HUSH, Fluffo and Framery Acoustics, just to name a few to ensure you are getting the best high-quality designs for improving your office acoustics.

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