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Excess noise within your office can have major adverse effects on your employee's ability to complete their tasks to their highest standards. Improving acoustics within your office is extremely important as a well-balanced room with a perfect acoustic level is a key factor in improving productivity and performance within your workforce. Poor lighting is also a major problem plaguing offices, leading to similar levels of employee dissatisfaction and demotivation. Combine your office acoustic and lighting designs and fix these issues with the help of the creative lighting solutions provided by acoustic lighting. Choose from a variety of styles and designs to find the acoustic lighting system that best suits your needs. We have a wide variety of styles available from classic shapes like pendant lights, bell lights, chandeliers and wall-mounted styles, to more unique styles like lanterns or intricate laser-cut designs. Whatever atmosphere or look you wish to achieve for your business we have a lighting style to match. Our acoustic lighting products feature a unique sound-absorbing acoustic foam material, allowing it to absorb and diffuse excess noise from your workplace creating a quieter atmosphere within your space. All of our acoustic lighting products are fully customisable as well; allowing you to choose the size, style and colour and fabric finish that fits best with your professional style and vision.~!Good office lighting can help to set the atmosphere of your space and has a major effect on your employees and space. A sub-par lighting system can make your space look dingy and smaller and can cause fatigue amongst your employees, negatively affecting their mood. Similarly, acoustic absorbers in an open plan office can help to reduce excess noise bouncing across the room, minimising sound travel within your office and creating a space where employees can work with less distraction in peace. On offer are the innovative and contemporary Buzzispace acoustic lighting designs as part of our range. Their products offer unique and durable designs in 14 different styles and a wide range of colours in a wide range of versatile fabric options. Buzzispace lighting solutions are designed to contribute to a pleasant working environment by balancing the recommended sound reverberation time within any space in order to contribute to better communication and increased speech comprehension by absorbing and diffusing excess noise and sound within their lighting products. Our unique selection of acoustic lighting products adds an instant focal point and a one of a kind design element to any space. Softening noise and providing a wide range of lighting levels from diffused and soft, bright and bold to intricate shadows and patterns depending on the tone and mood you wish to set. Acoustic lighting is ideal for locations such as open-plan offices, lobbies, breakout areas, receptions and restaurant or canteen spaces, where both good light and reduced noise levels are key to the area's success. We offer delivery and installation across the UK: in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All major cities in the UK are covered, including London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow and Bristol. It doesn't matter if you're situated in the rural Lake District or central London, our installation and delivery service is designed to meet your business requirements.

Acoustic Lighting

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